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La Pink was founded by the father-son duo of Mr. R.C Jain and Mr. Nitin Jain in the year 2022. When they initially started their journey to create a beauty brand that gave their consumers the purest of products, they realised that the entire Indian market was fixated on sulphate and paraben-free products, while Microplastics sort of slipped through the gaps. Microplastics based beauty products were something that International markets were banning to be used across the globe, but were found predominantly in all skin care brands in India. They were encouraged to see how incredible it was that Indian consumers were now more aware and educated about brands, the ingredients they use, and brands’ policies, but what was needed was to shed more light on the presence of Microplastics in skincare products whether they were natural, vegan or organic. So began their quest to ensure that every product that they created for the Indian market was 100% free of Microplastics, while being Paraben/SLS free, Vegan, Dermatologically tested, Cruelty Free, and FDA Approved. Thus, after 2-3 years of rigorous research and innovation with the help of French Formulators, La Pink entered the market!

All La Pink products have been made with Imported Natural Ingredients!

La Pink products are developed using high-quality imported ingredients like White Haldi, Cactus Flower, Kakadu Plum, Cranberry, Almonds & more that have been sourced from France, North America, Australia & fragrances from Switzerland. All these potent ingredients have been added in clinical doses to formulate your favourite skin care products. 

We believe you’ll have a happy experience using La Pink products and your relationship with us strengthens every time you apply our products!