Best White Haldi Face Toner for all skin types | La Pink Best White Haldi Face Toner for all skin types | La Pink

Best White Haldi Face Toner

Our Face Toners are 100% Microplastic Free Formulations with White Haldi, designed to promote skin lightening and brightening. With its special mist spray effect, these toners provide a refreshing and lightweight application, effectively brightening the skin, cleansing clogged pores, locking in moisture, and fighting against dark spots and pigmentation. It is non-sticky and gentle on the skin, making it ideal for all skin types.

Best La Pink Face Toners as per Skin Type with Benefits

Face Toner Skin Type Benefits
Ideal Bright Face Toner Dull skin, Dry skin, Sensitive skin, Normal skin, Combination skin, All Skin Types For Glass-like, brightened skin, Soothes & hydrates skin, Evens out skin tone, Hydrates for supple skin


La Pink revolutionises skincare and haircare with a pioneering stride: 100% Microplastic Free Formulations, for the first time in India. Traditional products utilise microplastics to enhance product viscosity, posing skin and hair health risks. La Pink introduces innovative products that eradicate these concerns, while safeguarding your skin and hair, with natural ingredients. This commitment signifies a shift towards a cleaner, greener beauty realm, marking an innovative step forward in the pursuit of healthier, skin and hair-friendly beauty solutions.